Not all experiences are equal.

"In hindsight this is what we all felt we needed."

What it looks like...

AAA Growth aaagrowth lightning induction

⚑️ Lightning induction

Programme intro
Personalised assessment
Prepare for project brief

AAA Growth aaagrowth rise to the challenge

πŸ’Ό Rise to the

Project training
Tackle client-facing project brief
Project guidance and coaching

AAA Growth aaagrowth jumpstart your career

πŸš€ Jumpstart your

Final client feedback
Final career guidance
Transition into future career

aaagrowth AAA Growth how it works

85% of employers want students to have work experience. Yet only 29% say they actually offer placements.
β€” Chartered Management Institute

Gain UK consulting experience

Join as a Consultant with a UK consultancy and tackle its client's current and future challenges

Learn from experienced pros

A senior professional who's worked with a top-tier firm collaborates with you and guides you for project and career job application success

Access social capital

We help you grow a network to build connections that open doors for accelerated career growth

Build acumen
Leverage IQ, EQ, SQ, CQ & AQ
Develop soft & hard skills

The difference for those accelerating careers

Good luck on competing to get the career you want without proven skills, experience or connections

πŸ˜“How can I get any good experience until I get a job that gives me good experience?!

"When I manage to find a good job posted online it typically asks for "proven experience". To get this good experience, I typically need to have worked in a good job....back to square one."

πŸ’Ž Programme candidates can stand out & unlock future growth

"I've now got experience with a UK consultancy, which many of my peers don't have. It makes a difference on my CV and has proved my skills and capabilities." 

😞Not all experiences are the same

"I've now managed to get a job but it's hardly relevant to my career aspirations. There's little to no opportunity to build relevant connections. The work is unexciting and doesn't help prove my skills or capabilities. I didn't do a degree to work in this kind of job and my career paths are limited here."

πŸš€ Join the experience programme and fast-track your career

"I've now got client-facing corporate experience. I've collaborated with senior professionals who've worked with top-tier firms. This helped me build connections and jumpstart my career."

Complete the programme leaving with

Client-facing experience, training & career support

Benefit from client-facing experience and receive training from experienced professionals who've worked with top-tier firms (e.g. Fortune 500) as well as career transition support

Programme completion certificate

Upon programme completion you'll receive a certificate to help support degree credit waivers and verify your development

Three references: Client, consultancy & consultant's ref.

Get references from experienced professionals reflecting your project efforts and helping you build credibility when growing your professional network

Exclusive alumni club of like-minded fast-trackers

After completing the programme continue your career acceleration and join the exclusive alumni club with access to resources and a community of professionals


What they've said

Candidates who had completed the former face-to-face programme and jumpstarted their career

It helped me build-up my business awareness in the real world. I'm now a Management Trainee engaging with L’Oreal's online activities. Big thank you...I didn’t expect I could be so brave unless you encouraged me.

A business school Master's graduate who landed a graduate role with a multi-billion dollar multinational company at its national HQ

I was impressed with the professional skills and attitude; the knowledge I gained was useful; and work was meaningful. The methods helped me a lot when I started my career. I’ll treasure this memory.

A science graduate who wanted and successfully transitioned into a career in headhunting at a publicly traded company

I found the whole programme useful and enjoyed the project and all the training and workshops. The programme's CV, Cover Letter and application support was much better than what I received from both my university careers service and a senior private coach. 

A Bachelor's student who interned in investment banking (BB) and progressed into a career in management consulting (Big Four)
AAA Growth aaagrowth zoom call career fast-trackers

Calling all career

Our current programme is fully online. Senior Consultants and candidates collaborate on projects remotely, tackling challenges via live video conferencing and collaboration tools. 

Candidate requirements:

πŸ’Ό Capable of high-performance in a high-pressure environment and keen on accelerating your career
πŸ‘… English fluency (university-level) to engage in video calls and present research and analysis to professionals
πŸŽ“ Typically* a recent university graduate or a student (or very exceptional incoming students) or career-changers
*We welcome non-traditional backgrounds with equivalent aptitude

Simple joining process

Start accelerating your career in three steps



Apply via the form. Once your application is reviewed and approved you'll be requested to make a payment.



After we confirm receipt of payment, you'll be accepted onto the programme with other like-minded career fast-trackers.



You'll receive a joining pack with info on how to start accelerating your career with the Growth Acceleration Programme

AAA Growth aaagrowth apply now


Apply via the form at the bottom of this page

Ensure you share a public link (e.g. via Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) to a folder containing the following three files below. Make sure accessing the files doesn't require sign-in.

πŸ“ƒ 1. CV
βœ‰οΈ 2. Cover Letter
πŸ“± 3. A selfie video (1 minute): Explain why you should be selected to join the programme


No. This is an experience programme with tailored training from senior experienced professionals. You'll experience tackling real challenges. Deadlines and expectations are very real. Failure to make a dedicated commitment towards the programme's projects, peers and seniors will result in letting you go, without any refund or certificate.

Yes. All participants who meet performance requirements and complete the programme will receive a certificate. We're also happy to provide reference letters. Whilst we do not yet award credits on behalf of your institution, we can acknowledge content/hours needed when seeking course credit waivers.

No. This is a fully remote programme and can be done anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection. You'd also need to be available according to the timezone of the project you're involved in (most typically UK time).

It's an experiential programme with tailored training to help bridge the skills, attitude and experience gaps faced by many starting careers or transitioning into new careers.

Yes. A central part of the programme is that you'll be involved in real-life, live projects tackling challenges faced by a UK consultancy and or its clients.

Each programme typically lasts a minimum of one month. Programmes that last longer (2-3 months) benefit from an extended experience.

For any programme, you'll need to dedicate and commit to an agreed number of part-time or full-time hours. All programmes have part-time core hours that involve guidance, delegation, training, mentorship, coaching, workshops, etc. Those who commit full-time benefit from either an expanded or deeper scope of opportunity to engage with project work in between core hours.

Schedules may vary depending on cohort/project requirements. Further schedule details are communicated in during the application process. 

There is limited financial aid in the form of pre-programme awards, in-programme scholarships and post-programme schemes. Let us know if you intend on applying for financial aid and which type of aid in the application form addendum.

All financial aid rebates are a percentage off the final price not the original price. For example, if the original price of Β£1999 has a 30% season discount i.e. Β£1399, and you earn a 10% financial aid referral rebate, then you'll get 10% off Β£1399, i.e. Β£1259.

Pre-programme awards:
Referral awards correspond to how much the person you're referring pays, less any financial aid they are due. If the person you're referring participates in a later cohort, then your rebate will be processed at that time. If before starting their programme they get refunded for any reason, then your rebate will be revoked.

In-programme scholarships:
You must apply for a Media/Linguist Scholarship before joining the programme. After qualifying for the financial aid scholarship, your account will be due a rebate. However, you'll receive your scholarship rebate after satisfying the conditions of the scholarship. For example, if you've applied to and qualified for the Linguist Scholarship, you'll receive a percentage rebate after you complete all foreign language engagements. Similarly, if you've applied to and qualified for the Media Blogger/Vlogger Scholarship, you'll receive a percentage rebate after you complete all media blogging/vlogging engagements. Likewise, if you're recognised for high-performance/proactivity, you'll receive the rebate award during or at the end of the programme.

Post-programme schemes:
Upon completing the programme, you may apply for fellowship or ambassador schemes. These schemes can help further enhance your career and further expand your professional network. As a fellow, you can gain additional experience and training while supervising and assisting future cohort candidates. You'll also earn a portion of your fees. With the ambassador scheme you can become a sales and marketing ambassador. You'll learn and be trained in marketing and sales. You can earn much more than your tuition fees.

Use the blue messaging web-chat icon in the bottom right corner β€” it helps if you include your email in your message. We receive all messages even if we don't give an instant response 24/7. We'll try to get back to you asap β€” simply message us your email address so we can reach out when you're not on our website.

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